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ИТОГО - РАЗУМНОЕ РАЗВИТИЕ. TOTAL выпускает моторные масла, имеющие одобрения и рекомендации ведущих автопроизводителей, используется в качестве масел заводской заливки и для послепродажного обслуживания. При внедрении новых технологий и подходов для постоянного совершенствования, программа Total Ecosolutions направлена ​​на развитие продуктов и услуг, помогающих нашим клиентам - как бизнесу, так и конечным потреблением - сокращение потребления и / или снижение их воздействия на всю среду. Представленная в 2009 году в Европе, Total Ecosolutions является ведущей программой по продвижению энергосберегающих продуктов и решений компании TOTAL. Она предлагает наши инновационные решения с характеристиками выше рыночных экологических стандартов, позволяющие ограничить использование таких ресурсов и / или вредное воздействие на среду при окружающей среде же уровня сервиса.



The DEVON Lubricants Plant is a modern research and production complex with the facilities and technologies required for the development and production of high-quality lubricants used in various industries. The company has implemented a system of international quality management standard ISO 9001-2015. LLC "Lubricant Plant" Devon "has the ability, on the basis of industrial audit and special research, to develop and manufacture products according to the technical specifications of the end user, guaranteeing high quality.



1980 - the year of the founding of the research company ANGLO INTERNATIONAL MINING b.v. The main activity of A.I.M.b.v. was the provision of both technical and marketing services to companies in the petrochemical industry. During the years of research specialists A.I.M.b.v. have acquired extensive experience in the field of expertise of the lubricants market. This prompted A.I.M.b.v. to a new stage of its development and, in 2005, from a research and development company, the company becomes a research and production company, launching its own products under the AIMOL brand, the first being the SPORTLINE motor oils. And in 3 years in 2008 the first exclusive lubricants for the industry under the brand AIMOL-M appeared. Thus, a new round of the history of A.I.M.b.v. began, which today is one of the most authoritative in the field of development of innovative products for the industrial sector.
In 2015, the brands merged, and from May 1, 2015, all products manufactured under the AIMOL-M brand were transferred to AIMOL, while preserving all recipes and the level of quality inherent in AIMOL-M lubricants.



Trademark WEGO, known in the secondary market of spare parts of the CIS and Baltic countries since 2002, for a relatively short period of time managed to win recognition among many auto business professionals. First of all, thanks to technical competence, consistently high quality of products and reputation of a reliable business partner. The decision to withdraw WEGO outside the Czech Republic was made within the framework of the concept of development of sales of automotive components in the secondary market of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The attractiveness of the markets of the CIS and Baltic countries is due to the rapid development of the automobile industry, the growth of the fleet and the high demand for quality products. In 2010 the company opened a new direction - lubricants.

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