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The French company TOTAL is known worldwide as one of the most reliable manufacturers of lubricants and automotive chemicals. Its range includes oils for various parts of the car, including transmission. Like the TOTAL TRANSMISSION AXLE 7 80W90, designed for heavy machinery.

Product Description:

TOTAL TRANS AXLE 7 80W-90 is a mineral oil for the lubrication of gears, power take-off boxes, differentials, final and glider gears. Provides reliable lubrication and protection against wear, oxidation, deposits in a wide range of temperatures and loads, including the heaviest. It has high extreme pressure properties.

Allows you to save on maintenance due to a long replacement interval and effective reduction of wear of parts. Excellent low-temperature fluidity contributes to easy operation from the moment of cold start, allows you to save fuel. In addition, the oil does not foam and prevents the formation of corrosion.

Scope of application:

The TOTAL TRANS AXLE 7 80W90 transmission lubricating fluid is suitable for high loads, speeds and temperatures. That is why it finds its field of application among heavy machinery involved in construction, cargo and passenger transportation, public transport, etc.

It is compatible with systems where an oil filter is used, has increased stability due to the high viscosity index.

Approved for use in ZF and MAN hypoid nodes, etc.

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