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DEVON Reducer CLP 320

DEVON Reducer CLP 320

Devon Reducer CLP 320 gear oil

Compliance with the requirements:

TU 0253-059-15301184-2015

DIN 51517 part III

David Brown S1.53.101 Type E

AGMA 9005-F16, AIST 224

MAG P-74,P-77

​A series of modern gear oils designed to lubricate gears of industrial equipment operating in harsh conditions


The line of high-quality Devon Reducer CLP oils is developed on the basis of hydrotreated mineral base oils with a carefully selected multifunctional additive package that improves lubricating, antioxidant, anticorrosive, anti-wear and extreme pressure properties. Devon Reducer CLP gear oils have excellent performance characteristics:

• Resistance to micropitting in conditions of high impact loads and fatigue wear of gears

• High thermal-oxidative stability, preventing the formation of deposits

• Excellent demulsifying properties that ensure rapid separation of water and effective lubrication of gearboxes

• High load-bearing capacity, which helps to minimize the wear of bearing parts and gear teeth

• Effective corrosion protection in the presence of water and dirt

• Compatibility with seal materials

Devon Reducer CLP oils are produced in accordance with TU 0253-059-15301184-2015.

Scope of application:

• Systems of modern gearboxes equipped with a circulating lubrication system or lubricated by spraying

• Gears of modern industrial equipment of domestic and imported production, operating at medium and high loads

• Circulation systems of various mechanisms operating under increased loads

• Friction units of automatic hot stamping processes

Business benefits:

Smooth and uninterrupted operation of the equipment in conditions of probable oil flooding

Effective lubrication of rubbing surfaces and wear protection increase the service life of the equipment

Resistance to oxidation and thermal decomposition helps to reduce the cost of lubricant

Corrosion protection even in the presence of water preserves the life of the equipment

Compatibility with seal materials prevents oil leakage and reduces maintenance costs

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